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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Wearables are new and wearables are for the most part pretty cool but there is always a downside with new and cool technology. If you are totally enamoured with wearables like we are the first issue that pops up is privacy. Many if not all wearables (in 2019) are properly connected IoT devices that produce and collect data. The policies of most of these companies state that the collected data will not be sold to anyone. (Always check the EULA). One of the things often overlooked by users, is how the makers of the device share the data with third-parties. Many makers may not sell the data but they may share it in a way that makes it profitable for themselves and their partners. It is important for you as a consumer and end user of these products to read the documents carefully and guard your information jealously. Choose what you data share and with whom you want to share it. When it comes right down to privacy and security. The responsibility is in your hands.

Security of these devices is given a lot of scrutiny but we should be not only looking at the protection of the data you share but where it is shared from. We are all aware of data breaches and identity thefts that occur every day, but how many of us know where our data is stored and what the data security rules are in the country that has your precious information? If you are unaware of these issues you may find yourself out of luck during a data security incident. Finally it’s important to know that some of our Wearables broadcast location by default. It may be necessary for some devices like fitness trackers and Smart Watches but you probably should check if your smart wearables are actively giving out your location on a regular basis.

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