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Wearables are the Future and the Future is now

We all think of the future differently; some see it as Star Trek-slick, and others imagine a grimy Blade Runner landscape. And this is what brought us to wearable tech. We probably won’t have flying cars (we really should have flying cars), but 5G will make a whole lot of futuristic things seem mundane.Right now my phone is telling me the fastest way to work, what my next meeting is, that I’m going to be late and, asking me if I want to warn the person I’m meeting by text. That is pretty amazing (or creepy), because all of this is coming about without any intervention from me. 5G will make this look like child’s play. Our next-generation IoT devices will connect on an ultra-wide, super-fast highway that allows for more–and better–cloud based apps and interactions. Who remembers the “connected fridge”? The connected fridge was the first device that made us sit up and take notice. It seemed that knowing when you were out of milk or eggs would be very helpful. Most people did not, however, see the benefit, and from what we can tell, the connected fridge never really caught on. Fast forward to 2020–next year!–when your fridge is connected to a 5G network along with your phone and other wearables. When you run out of milk, your fridge will notify your phone which is probably connected to your car. As you are driving, the car can not only tell you the fastest route to a supermarket to buy the milk, but will also search for stores with the cheapest price. Discount coupons could then be downloaded directly on your phone and, if you are lucky enough to have connected eye wear, your glasses would be able to direct you down the store aisles directly to the milk you are seeking. After the milk is purchased the Internet of Things will tell your fridge to relax, that the milk is on its way and it can stop broadcasting about it.10 years ago video calls were only available to large corporations and the Jetsons. If you wanted to talk to your computer you would need to use special software just to dictate a letter. In the blink of an eye this technology has become ubiquitous and unremarkable. Five years from now we will look at 5G devices the same way we look at Skype or Siri...just another tool to assist with everyday life. And it starts here.

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