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When choosing wearable tech for fitness there is more selection each day. With each choice there is the question of what technology will be best for the activity you are choosing to engage in. Fitbit is a fitness tracker that has been around for a while and is one of the more well known brands. They are great for beginners or someone just starting out on their fitness journey. Starting out with reminders to move and a few stats to follow but what if you are a more serious athlete? What takes someone from fitness wearable to focused to be the best you can be at a particular sport? Right now in this current pandemic era fitness is dealing with closed gyms, and sports on hold. Bicycles and jogging is seeing a serious uptick in activity as people are turning to the running tracks to get their fitness needs met while they wait for the gyms to open. Once you have run passed the needs of your Fitbit there are other more specific wearables that will help your run exceed your goals.

Garmin has stepped up to the plate to bring the Fenix Watch to bring your fitness to another level. Best of you are a multi facetted athlete who enjoys skiing or mountain biking as well as running. With a larger face than the Fitbit and more specific informatics for each sport.

The ultimate wearable tech for running is the Garmin Forerunner 235. Focused on tracking your run you can dial down to what really helps you improve as an athlete. Taking running beyond just heart rate and counting steps the Garmin Forerunner 235 has packs a hefty price tag but for someone who wants to improve their running by seconds or lengthen their stride it’s something to really consider.

Though there has to be some type of intuitive connection with your body when you do an activity, wearable technology gives an athlete the ability to hone their abilities to be nano seconds faster and millimetres ahead of the competition. When those small increments are the difference between winning and losing wearable tech is the advantage that every athlete should consider.

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