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Travel post Corvid-19

Eight weeks into this pandemic, it is becoming obvious to everyone that things aren't going to go back to what was once considered normal.

Air travel has not been the same since 9/11 and in my opinion social gatherings will not be the same after 20/20.

Precautions will have to be taken when and wherever large groups congregate. Similar to air travel, comma most of these precautions will be superficial, cosmetic, and just generally a pain in the ass.

Some of these precautions could be informative, friction-less and potentially life saving. Wearable technology could be at the forefront of this revolution.

Imagine providing real-time information on temperature, heart rate, respiration, and any other pertinent piece of health related information.

Wearable devices could allow the user to "prove" his or her state of health in seconds. Just as we are now subject to searches of our bags and person in order to board an airliner,

we will probably have to submit to some kind of heath test along with a search in order to watch a concert or a sporting event.

Wouldn't it be great if we could do this with the least amount of inconvenience? I can imagine devices that would not only monitor your steps, heart rate, blood sugar, and organ function, but a device that would also allow access to health care records, X-rays, medication needs and even health care directives like, 'do not resuscitate'. All of this could be displayed on a tablet or other connected edge device as the wearer is admitted to the event.

While this may sound like futuristic Star Trek level pie-in-the-sky, this technology is not only available now, but has been for the last 18 months.

It is mature, reliable and available from TeqMarq/Tap2Tag. Tap2Tag devices provide all the informatics necessary to monitor general health and in addition some of their state-of-the-art systems can pinpoint the user in an emergency through geo-location. First Responders can then be directed to the site of the emergency and treatment can begin in minutes. All of this technology is in the hands of the 'end user' and is deployed at his or her discretion. No third party or agency has access to this information without the express permission of the user. No-one is tracking or spying unless permission is granted.

A scant few months ago, a situation like this would have been almost unthinkable. Now it's here and sadly it’s real. Wearable technology can mitigate the effects and reduce the friction to come. It is ready for us. Are we ready for it?

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