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Top Three Attributes for Wearable Technology

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

In today’s day and age, wearable tech appears in stores, and on people regularly. However, like most products, the general public won’t buy any random wearable device they can find, so here’s what I’d like to see in a wearable tech product.

Firstly, appearance. The most distinctive trait that people will notice about your wearable tech product is what it looks like. Looks are everything! The majority of the tech we see today follows the same pattern. Sleek, monochromatic, and not too clunky. This is exactly what I’d want to see in wearable tech. I wouldn’t wear an accessory that doesn’t match the outfit I’m wearing, but there aren’t many ways to go wrong by wearing a slim wristband with one or two colours that still does its job. Wearing clunky, loud, and large tech accessories would make them stand out from the rest of an outfit, which quite frankly wouldn’t be very fashionable at all. Small and one colour is definitely the way to go.

Another important attribute is the number of functions that it can perform. Efficiency is key! If I were interested in a fitness wristband, or some other form of wearable tech, I’d want one that could do multiple things. If I were at a store, and saw one device that could count my steps, and another that could monitor my heart rate, my blood pressure, AND how many steps I’ve taken, then the choice would be a no-brainer. Obviously, some people may be looking to buy a wearable tech product for a specific reason, but in general I believe that the more features it has, the better. Of course, this could lead to products being more expensive, and I personally wouldn’t shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for one, so I think that a reasonably priced wearable tech product with a fair amount of features is the way to go.

Lastly, one of the most important elements a wearable tech product can have is versatility and durability. These products can be used for many activities and tasks. Fitness, Medical Alerts, and Telling Time are just a few examples. This means that these products will be used by a variety of people doing many different things. A triathlon racer may need their product to be waterproof. Someone else may depend on a long battery life. Things like waterproofing and a long battery life should definitely be included in products created for multiple purposes. The product will entice many more people if all these extras are part of the offer. Wearable technology should also be pretty durable. I’d expect them not to crack after being dropped a few times, and the durability should also last a pretty long time. I drop my phone quite often, and I’m certain that there are clumsy people out there, just like me, who are interested in purchasing a wearable tech product, so the wearable tech should be pretty hard to break, and should be usable for an extremely long time.

These are the most important things that I’d look for in a wearable tech product. If I were to find one product that has more of these characteristics and attributes than the others, then I wouldn’t hesitate to choose it over the rest.

By Matteo Beckles

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