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Can wearable technology prevent a pandemic? - Part 2

Since information is only as useful as who can access it, the ability of Tap2Tag to share data easily and safely becomes a significant advantage in a pandemic crisis. Utilizing a cloud-based storage system means that in addition to providing a robust method of storing private personal information, the data can be shared among those requiring it quickly and securely, whether it be in the field, the clinic, or the laboratory. This would allow monitoring of trends and movement to an unprecedented degree as the lag time between collecting and distributing information would be reduced to a minimum and give experts integral data in near real time, facilitating accurate and timely decision making.

It will take a concerted, collaborative effort among untold individuals and companies using every tool available—and likely some that haven’t even been invented yet--to prevent a future pandemic, and wearable technology is uniquely positioned to take a step into spotlight in the fight against viral outbreaks. Reducing the lag between infection and action will be vital to being proactive instead of responding to outdated data, giving society a chance to contain an outbreak before it silently spreads throughout an unaware populace. TeqMarq has the capability to gather crucial information as quickly and as safely as possible, and get that information to those who require it, easily and securely. For the first responders on the ground, the doctors at the hospitals, and the virologists in the laboratories, TeqMarq and Tap2Tag wearable technology can be vital in the future fight against pandemics.

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