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Can wearable technology prevent a pandemic? - Part 1

As the world searches for a solution to the current Covid-19 pandemic, TeqMarq is looking for ways to help mitigate future outbreaks using wearable technology and instant data transfer. One obvious truth about the coronavirus is that in the early stages of an outbreak, before a treatment or vaccine is even remotely possible, the identification and tracking of potentially infected carriers is absolutely critical in the limiting of the spread of pathogens. The countries that had the most success early flattening the growth curve of positive cases quickly implemented measures that involved rapidly taking temperatures of potential carriers and identifying those at higher risk and quarantining them from the general populace. Tracking the infected and thereby identifying those that they interacted with was the next step in trying to cocoon groups of people that could be carrying the virus, because even if asymptomatic, they could be traced due to their interaction with those having symptoms. It is in these early stages of outbreak that the unique abilities of an integrated, scalable, wearable technology and data transfer ecosystem offered by TeqMarq could prove crucial in the tempering of an otherwise full-scale outbreak.

With the advent of next-generation wearable health monitoring technology, devices worn regularly can easily track the body temperature and heartrate, among other vital signs, and possibly give an early indication of issues that could arise in otherwise healthy-appearing individuals. A TeqMarq smartwatch, for example, is a device that can be worn without any appearance of a medical monitoring system and thus encourages regular use. In conjunction with the Tap2Tag instantaneous information transfer structure, a medical professional could simply tap the watch with a smartphone and instantly have access to up-to-date medical information, and with the T2T profile also providing the wearer’s uploaded medical profile, an analysis of the person’s current condition could be ascertained on the spot. This means in a situation where time is critical, a medical professional would have the data and tools required to make crucial decisions in real time.

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