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A TeqMarq Fable

Once there was a young girl who became lost in a forest. To make matters worse, the forest was on fire.

She ran until she lost her shoes and scrambled barefoot through the burning brush until she collapsed.

Now, she would have used her cell phone to call for help, except this happened one hundred years ago, in a forest in Finland and cell phones had not yet been invented, so, as it happened, she could not call for help. Besides, if she had tried to use the cellphone that had not yet been invented, she would have discovered that cell phones don’t always connect to the grid when you need them to. Sometimes you are ‘out of range’ and the phone has no ‘bars’ ( which is modern day language for connectivity) and she would not have been able to call anyone, if they had had a cellphone, which, as you know, they wouldn’t have had either, again that chronological problem of not yet being in existence. But, the point is, even if this had happened to the poor young girl in this day and age, she and her would-be rescuers might not have been able to communicate due to poor cellphone coverage. So, she would have been as out of luck as she was in the first place – one hundred years ago in a burning forest.

On the other hand, the poor lost lass could have tried to use her TeqMarq device to help her. Using this amazing piece of technology, she could have found out where the fires were, and where she might go that was safe. (Except, that TeqMarq device had not yet been invented either.) The device looks like a wristwatch, and she would have thought it was a wristwatch, except, of course, wrist watches had not yet been invented yet either. Be that as it may, and here is the difference, the poor lost girl would have found that her state of the art TeqMarq device did connect with the internet, (for the purposes of this comparison, let’s just assume the internet is invented …..) and did provide superior service and helpful information to help her avoid and get out of the pickle in which she found herself. Her wonderful, well-crafted and fashionable TeqMarq device would have told her where all the fires were, and which roads were safe and how to extricate herself out of the woods where she definitely should not be, especially during a fire.

The moral of this story – don’t be one hundred years behind. Get a TeqMark device and stay connected.

And Please, stay out of burning forests. And, try not to get lost.

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